Projects In Progress

Start of the Game
Genre: Casual Word Game
Programming Language: Java
Release Date: June '09
Production Stage: Debugging
Cost: Free
Description: You're given three minutes to spell as many words as possible from the given letters.
Webpage: Click Here
Square Wars
Genre: Two Player Strategy Board Game
Programming Language: Java
Release Date: July/August '09
Production Stage: End of Planning/Beginning Programming
Cost: Free
Description: Players place squares on a board and get points for having multiple pieces of your own color touching
Webpage: N/A
Flashback Cliche
Genre: 2D Parody RPG
Programming Language: Python
Release Date: Unknown
Production Stage: Brainstorming
Cost: Unknown
Description: In troubled times the only hero can be a fifteen year old boy with amnesia and a missing sister.
Webpage: N/A